Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Oh Please.....

I can't believe you actually thought I would have my own blow up doll?

W.T. Alert

Britney and Kevin at the drive through at Jack in the Box. You know I try and stick up for you two, but you make it more difficult each and every day. How do you explain this Britney? Gross. You guys look like White Trash.

Lindsay with weird dude

Here is Lindsay shopping in Beverly Hills with that mysterious man again. Who is that curly-haired man behind her. Maybe she has a stalker.

Nicole and her mom

Nicole and her mom Brenda go shopping. You never see Nicole minus DJ AM.

Paris shopping with the boys

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Paris and Paris Engaged?

Paris and Paris
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Paris Hilton Said Engaged to Shipping Heir Hotel heiress and "The Simple Life" reality TV star Paris Hilton is engaged to her boyfriend, Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis, her spokesman said Monday. "They are happy and excited," said Hilton spokesman Rob Shuter, confirming the story first reported on People magazine's Web site. Latsis proposed to the 24-year-old Hilton Wednesday after she returned from a three-week publicity tour in Europe to promote her horror flick "House of Wax" and her new fragrance. The couple, who have been dating for about eight months, marked the engagement Saturday with a barbecue for 75 friends and family at their Hollywood Hills home, Shuter said. No wedding date has been set. It would be the first marriage for both.

Demi and Ashton Wed?

ASHTON AND DEMI MARRY: XXXX LIQUIDGENERATION.COM EXCLUSIVE XXXX Liquid Generation wrote: Don't ask us how we know, we just do. LiquidGeneration has learned that Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were MARRIED last night, Saturday May 28, 2005. They were married in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. At a friend's mansion. It was transformed to look like a movie set. They brought in a huge winding staircase that Demi walked down. 250 Guests. Two restaurants did the catering: one of them was Medure Restaurant. The other was Matthew's at San Marco. They are owned by the same dude. Ponte Vidra Beach is somewhere near Jacksonville. Is it white trash there? Those are all the sexy details we know. Many questions are unanswered so far. Was it a Kabbalah wedding? When will they get divorced? Does this make Demi less MILFY?

Friday, May 27, 2005

Theme of the day

It must be cloudy in California this week. Many stars seem to be in a bad mood.
Ashton Kutcher shows how polite he is in the morning as he happily goes to a studio in Hollywood.
The young star is said to be a Dad soon!

Nicky gets the late night munchies just like I do

Nicky and her boyfriend
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Nicky chowing on a dog
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Mary Kate phone home

It is scary how alike these two look. Check out the http://www.superficial.com for full story.

Update Nick and Jess

Nick and Jess
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Jessica Simpson continues to insist she and hubby Nick Lachey are not splitting - but are the breakup rumors starting to get to her? The coltish actress is said to be bridling at doing publicity for "The Dukes of Hazzard" with married co-star Johnny Knoxville because she doesn't want to feed gossip that they had a fling.

An insider tells us Warner Bros. execs had to use all their carrots and sticks to get Simpson to do a Premiere magazine cover with Knoxville.

A Warner rep argues that Simpson has cooperated fully with the publicity campaign. Her own rep says the 24-year-old actress readily took part in the shoot with Knoxville and co-star Seann William Scott, though she will do some promotion on her own.

Simpson's PR bomb squad is also defusing a claim that Simpson slept with Knoxville's "Jackass" cohort Bam Margera. Phil Margera, Bam's father, told Philadelphia radio deejays Preston & Steve his son admitted bedding Simpson - and "Bam has never lied to us."

But Bam later told the same deejays that his father "is a godd- idiot. He probably thought you were talking about [something else]."

Jessica's father and manager, Joe Simpson, tells Us Weekly, "[Bam's] father was making a sick joke."

F......U....... love Charlize!

Charlize Theron
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Charlize Theron
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Britney mom say's quit your trash talk

Britney Spears has been reprimanded by her mother for talking about her sex life on her reality TV show, ‘Britney& Kevin: Chaotic’.

On the show Britney is seen kissing her hubby Federline and telling the camera that sex with him is “great”…shocking.

According to Ananova, Britney’s mom has told the singer that she is setting a bad example for her younger sister Jamie-Lynn Spears.


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What the F@#k is this! Sorry Nicky this is not sexy it's scary. Ewwwww. Terrible. Apparently the photo was for the Elton John AIDS Foundation for a project called "Four Inches." The common theme in the photos for sale: naked female celebrities posing completely in the buff except for a pair of Jimmy Choo four-inch heels…”

More Lindsay in a Bikini

Photos from JJB
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Lindsay hangs out poolside in South Beach Miami

Keeping healthy
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Chilling with a smoke
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Checking some emails
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Chilling at the cabana
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Eating some more
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Flashing her tatoo
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Having a cocktail
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Taking a stroll
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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Kevin says it's him or else

Britney Spears has dumped her pet Chihuahua - because it scared her husband. A source told America's Star magazine: "Every time Kevin got too close, Lucky would snarl and snap at him. Kevin got so mad about Lucky biting his ankles that he told Britney he'd had enough and that the mutt had to go. "It was either her husband or the hound that had to go - She picked Kevin. Was that the correct choice though? A source told America's Star magazine: "Britney was upset about it She couldn't bring herself to give the dog to the pound so she gave Lucky to an assistant that way she can sneak out and visit Lucky from time to time or have the assistant bring Lucky over when Kevin is out".

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This is a picture of Bit Bit. Britney had to get rid of her other dog Lucky. Poor Lucky.

Linday answers weight loss questions

Teen star Lindsay Lohan claims she is not suffering from an eating disorder. According to Lindsay her new skinny frame is down to her strict fitness regime. After Lindsay Lohan's "Saturday Night Live" appearance this week there's even more talk about her slimmed down figure. She explains, "I'm happy with my life, and I love food. Lohan recently told "Access Hollywood" that she's talked to the director J.J. Abrams about the starring role for Mission Impossible 3. The actress has credited her weight loss to vigorous personal training in an effort to get in shape for the film. "I'm just in training for a movie that I really want to do."

Lindsay Kicking it in Sobe

Lindsay Now.....
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May 5, 2005 -Miami

Lindsay Lohan and three friends lounge around the pool in Miami. Lindsay is looking trim. She lounges and chain smokes and grabs a couple of beverages as she takes a couple of bites off of her friends plate. It looks like a wrap. Lindsay where'd the twins go?

Lindsay Then........
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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes it's a Sham!

It's not real
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On my way to work I heard on a radio station that the whole Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes thing is so a publicity stunt to try and gain a younger viewing audience for Tom's 2 new movies out this summer. They went on to say that Tom is getting too old and doesn't have the following like he did back in his Risky Business and Cocktail days. They also went on to say that some of the other Hollywood hotties that were in the running were Jessica Alba, Lindsey Lohan (they tossed her out b/c they thought she was too young and immature like duh) but they went with Katie, since she hasn't really been in the public eye too much and that she too is promoting a big summer blockbuster hit. Both parties reps deny these allegations - but come on, it does make sence and it's hard to rule out - Tom isn't the beefy hunk he use to be. Not to mention he is short and Nicole K. is so out doing him......rock on!

Jessica and her plastic surgery

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For someone who is barely 24 Jessica Simpson sure has gotten alot of plastic surgery.

1. Eye lift
2. Cheek implant
3. Nose Job
4. Breast enhancement (after she dropped a few lbs.)
5. Lip enhancement.

Jessica Simpson’s upper lip is looking a tad plump lately, notes AwfulPlasticSurgery.com. “I feel sorry for that lip,” notes the site. “The poor thing looks like it wants to explode like an overcooked hot-dog wiener.”

Paris Hilton is a Good Person and shows her boob

Paris Hilton Flashes
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"I have good karma...I am a good person, so God made things happen for me." Paris Hilton, US Weekly. Paris is that your boob hanging out? In Touch reports that Fox has offered Paris and Nicole $100,000 more per episode each for another season of The Simple Life. Stay tuned...or at least they're hoping you will. Of course, when Paris said good karma, she may have merely meant good cash flow.

Kelly's Nose is Disappearing

Kelly's nose job
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I don't know if anyone caught David Letterman last night? Kelly Ripa was a guest star and let me tell you I think her and Michael Jackson may have the same plastic surgeon. Her nose was soooo small! It was totally bothering me I couldn't stop staring. The pictures with her in the blue dress are from the David Letterman Show.

It's so small
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It's so small
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Lindsay Lohan and Jared Leto Party Together

Lindsay after SNL
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Lindsay Lohan has been spotted out on the town with Scarlett Johansson and Cameron Diaz's ex-boyfriend, Jared Leto. According to the New York Post, the pair were spotted together at the Saturday Night Live afterparty at the weekend, but Jared was more interested in acting like a big brother than a boyfriend. "A guy got drunk and got into a small argument next to their table on the stage," a snoop reveals. "Jared acted like security and held up the guy onto the wall to try to calm him down. A staffer ran up and said, 'Be nice to the kid, he just drank a little too much - it happens.'" However, the pair didn't let the incident spoil their evening and, after Jared had let the guy go, they carried on dancing and drinking until six in the morning. (26 May, 2005, 9AM) SOURCE: NEW YORK POST

Hail to the shrine of the hollywood standards

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Layoff the cake girls, Lindsay's looking a little chubby this week! Oh my, scary how lifelike they look! Are these drawn to size? You have to check out http://galleryoftheabsurd.typepad.com Too funny! They have pictures of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton and the Olsen twins. I always like a good picture of the Skeletwins.
Love ya LLO and Richie Rich.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The man that claims to be dating Jessica

Digusting Pig
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Former Jackasser Bam Margera, and star of his own show Viva La Bam the man that claims to be dating/doing Jessica Simpson. Gross!! This dude is disgusting, a greesy jackass if you ask me. This claim is being made by Bam's parents. Do you think that is credible. I am going to have my mom start telling people I am sleeping with Lachey.

Who's Rack is that?

Bouncy teen pinup Lindsay Lohan may be a little too, well, bouncy, for Disney.

Moms at early test screenings of "Herbie: Fully Loaded" clucked about her being too prominent upfront to the point that execs spent more than $1 million to digitally downsize La Lohan's bosom and draw in higher necklines, reports Us Weekly. Lindsay's rep laughed off allegations of any alterations ... (New York Daily News)

Lindsay is becoming a Mary-Kate wannabe

Lindsay I am really questioning your fashion sense lately. First you do that dramatic thing with you hair (BTW we all hate it) now your channeling MK into your wardrobe. What happened to the old LLO we loved.

Federline get off your lazy ass!

It's not enough that Britney pays for you, buys you a car, takes you all over the world, is pregnant with your 3rd whatever child. You can't even offer to give her the seat of the golf cart you are in. God how rude! Are you even teasing her by flashing your Starbucks in front of her. Where is hers. Get off you lazy ass and get the girl a drink ya hick!

Jessica still loves her man dammit

See the ring bitches....... Here is Jessica showing us a token of her love and fidelity, she wants us to believe she is still with husband Nick. Thats what happens when you get famous dear they take you up and knock you down. It's down time if anyone was wondering. Don't worry Jess we still love you and Nick.

Madonna going under the knife

Madonna in Lace
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Madonna is said to be considering plastic surgery.

Sources close to the 46-year-old star say she freaked when she saw close-ups of herself in the yet-to-be released documentary of her last tour.

I kinda freak out when I see Madonna lately too, she does look kind of old which then makes me feel old. So yes please Madonna lets get you back to looking a little younger. Maybe adding some more lace items to your outfits can accomplish that.

Two plastic surgeons have already visited her London home as she considers a nip and a tuck. A spokesperson for the superstar said:

"I'm not saying she would never have plastic surgery, but definitely not this week."

E!'s quick retraction went a little something like this

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E! deeply regrets that a draft report from E! Online, which contained some false information regarding the Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson marriage, was accidentally disseminated. The couple has not filed for divorce. E! apologizes to Nick, Jessica, their family and their fans for any distress this may have caused.”

E! What are you saying

So Happy Together
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American entertainment company E! has been forced to retract a story that Jessica Simpson has filed for divorce.

Jessica and hubby Nick Lachey, who filmed TV reality show The Newlyweds around their first year of marriage, have been fighting off rumours about the state of their relationship for months.

The couple have been married two and a half years.

E! Online leaked a story about their split but retracted it within the hour.

Dukes Of Hazzard star Jessica told US Weekly: "It's completely false and we would sue them if they hadn't taken it down."

A former Jackass star, Bam Margera, was reported by his own parents to be dating Jessica but has since denied it.

Mary Kate and new beau

Mary Kate and new beau
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Mary Kate Olsen and Boyfriend take a cruise on a ship in Cannes, France – May 23.
One day we are going to wake up and Mary-Kate Olsen will have dissappeared. This girl is so tiny she better hang on to something out there by the ocean, it looks windy she could blow away.

Dave Navarro can't get enough of reality T.V.

dave navarro
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Dave wheres Carmen?

Dave Navarro, former guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane's Addiction, and TV personality Brooke Burke will host CBS' "Rock Star: INXS," produced by Mark Burnett.

The show will premiere July 11, the network said Tuesday. It will begin with 15 contestants living together in a Hollywood Hills home. The winner will become the lead singer of INXS and will go on a world tour with the band, known for their hits "What You Need" and "Need You Tonight."

The band has used guest vocalists since Michael Hutchence died in 1997.

CBS said "Rock Star" will air three times a week. Monday will focus on contestants' relationships and activities, while Tuesday and Wednesday will feature the competition and who goes home.

Did Jolie do Brad?

Brad and Jolie
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Jolie does an interview in June's issue of Marie Claire. Here's what she had to say about him...

"I think the world of him," says Angelina about Brad. "We got on great." But when asked point blank if they had sex, she replies, "Absolutely not ... To be intimate with a married man, when my own father cheated on my mother, is not something I could forgive. I could not, could not, look at myself in the morning if I did that."

Hmmm. Interesting I am not sure I believe that especially because of that hotel incident. I believe they were making such animalistic sounds that an employee of the hotel had to come to their room at 2:30 am to make sure everything was alright. I believe that may have been after Jennifer Aniston filed for divorce so maybe that time doesn't count to Jolie.

June cover marie claire
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