Friday, April 28, 2006

I love Mischa's new Dog

Tori's Face looks jacked up

I feel bad for Tori obviously no amount of money or plastic surgery can help you when you have a mug like that. She is just one very unfortunate looking character. At least she is in love with Dean, whether or not he loves her is a different story. Anyone that can stare directly at that for several hours a day is really something special though.

Kept Man K-Fed! Doing what he does best a whole lot of nothing!

Fergie's Dance for Josh

Josh Duhamel had his own private dancer during a recent night out at Atlanta club Vision: girlfriend Fergie. After a sold-out show at nearby Chastain Park, the Black Eyed Peas frontwoman put on an intimate performance of her own for her man. Holed up in the VIP section The Circle, the sexy singer – dressed in tight jeans and a tank top – grooved around him provocatively and even gave him a lapdance. She was able to pull herself away from her beau long enough to celebrate her friend's birthday with cake and champagne.

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Jennifer Lopez and rat man Marc Anthony at the Angels vs. Tigers game

Baby Sean Preston's Close Up

Gwen Pregnancy Watch!


Slain fashion boss GIANNI VERSACE's mansion in South Beach, Florida has re-opened its doors for the first time since the designer's 1997 murder. The opulent villa was once used to entertain Versace's celebrity pals, like MADONNA and SIR ELTON JOHN, and now the stars will grace the majestic mansion once again, thanks to new owner, communications tycoon PETER LOFTIN, who has turned the estate into a $4,000-a-night retreat.

The star-studded guests who have already enjoyed the delights of the Casa Casuarina resort include JAMIE FOXX, GLORIA ESTEFAN, JAIME PRESSLY and KELLY CLARKSON. Versace's gilded interiors and lavish decorating touches remain largely unchanged.Every guest at the resort is assigned a personal concierge and a mere cup of coffee costs $50. Gianni Versace was gunned down in front of the mansion by serial killer ANDREW CUNAHAN in 1997. His sister DONATELLA sold the mansion in 2000.

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Simpson Sisters have NO taste

Jessica and Ashlee Simpson stayed at the Hilton hotel in Sydney on their recent MTV-funded trip. The hotel has one of the city's best restaurants, the Glass Brasserie, run by one of Australia's top chefs, Luke Mangan. The sisters went for dinner there one night, but wouldn't eat anything on the delicious menu (steaks, oysters, baby barramundi, chocolate tart etc). So what are two spoiled, hungry celebrities to do? Well, you sit in the restaurant in silence, surrounded by four enormous bodyguards, and order in from Pizza Hut - a large pepperoni and double cheese.


"Pete Doherty caught injecting drugs into a female fan"

British junkie rock star Pete Doherty was caught on camera allegedly injecting a drug into a girl fan's arm, it has emerged today. The shocking image shows the singer holding the syringe as the girl lies apparently unconscious on a kitchen floor. Britain's Sun newspaper said the picture was taken at Doherty's home in Hackney, east London, within the past five weeks. They also published a picture of supermodel Kate Moss, 32, who they said has been secretly seeing Doherty, 27, despite their apparent public split. A second picture of Doherty shows the singer jabbing a needle into his tattooed forearm.

Tony Linkin, of Coalition public relations, who has spoken on behalf of Doherty, said he was not aware of the pictures and could not comment. He said Doherty was currently not represented by a manager. Doherty was in London last night after his band Babyshambles performed at Plymouth Pavilions on Wednesday, he added.

The pictures are the latest episode in Doherty's battle with heroin and numerous encounters with the law. Last Friday, he was bailed after being arrested on suspicion of fresh drug offences in East London. The arrest came just three hours after he was spared jail by magistrates for possessing controlled drugs.

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Thursday, April 27, 2006


Jake Gyllenhaal does Film Review Magazine Kenneth in the 212

Tom Crazy's Press Conference for MI 3 The Wonderful World of Miss TLC

Infangelina Celeb Hijinx

Katie Holmes will be changing her name...based on Tom Cruise's Advice Velvet Hot Tub

Cutie Adam Brody in Elle Girl Socialite's Life

Mandy Moore Doesn't Like Unlimited Orgasms, What?? Egotastic

Reese Witherspoon Does it all! Hot Online News

Jessica Simpson in "Employee of the Month"

Paris Hilton's Villa... Just another reason to hate her!

Question: Anyone Know What Kind of Purse This is?

Someone emailed me and wanted to know:

"Was wondering if you can find out who makes that purse that Jessica Simpson is carrying while shopping for lamps.  I love it!!!!  Any contact or information leading to the purchase of a purse just like that one would be greatly appreciated "

Jen and Vince buy home in Illinois

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn have purchased a home in Lake Forest, Illinois. Here are a couple shots of the lovely interior. It's Big - 9 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, 6 car garage, and 7.5 acres. Price tag? $12 million.

Source and Photo Credit: Lainey Gossip

People' Magazine's World's Most Beautiful People

"She looks the most beautiful when she's in the field ñ natural, no makeup, nothing," says Wyclef Jean of the actress-activist, 30. Indeed, her beauty needs are decidedly practical: a dusting of powder, a few strokes of mascara, a dab of Vaseline on her world-famous lips and ñ voil‡! ñ she's ready to meet the president of Pakistan. "She wants to make a difference," says U.N. representative Guebre-Christos. "She does it with a lot of simplicity."

Her new movie is called Awake. Here's how Alba, 25, keeps that fresh vibe. Always wears: "Moisturizer." Barely wears: "Powder. I have kind of a round nose, and too much powder makes it look rounder." Washes hair: "Most days, unfortunately. I don't think it's good for your hair." Smells like: "Gardenia and candy."

Playing a doctor on Grey's Anatomy doesn't require taking the Hippocratic Oath. Still, Washington, 42, follows a "first do no harm" policy with personal grooming. No scruffy beards: "What woman in her right mind wants to be stuck by a dude with a bunch of bristly hairs?" No gnarly nails: "I get manicures and pedicures." No designer haircuts: "A trim once a week. As natural as possible ñ not too tapered or Jheri-curl juicy."



To play the lead in the film adaptation of the Broadway smash Dreamgirls, Knowles, 24, subjected herself to bushy eyebrows and frumpy suits. The result: Total transformation ("Very not cute," she told reporters) ñ and a taste of what life might have been like if she hadn't been born beautiful. "To be honest," she said, "I feel people would have acknowledged my talent a lot more."

"Maybe 40 is the new 30," says TV's consummate California girl, 44. After splitting from husband Richie Sambora in February, the mom of daughter Ava, 8, just keeps getting hotter. So ñ the secret? Run, sun (strictly the fake variety) and fun. "I don't say, 'No more bread or pasta.' I just don't have five platefuls. I've always been a red-meat eater. I try to eat a little less and be aware."


In 2005 the 5'2" IndyCar Rookie of the Year, 24, led the Indianapolis 500 for 19 laps ñ a first for a female driver.

Although her latest role in Memoirs of a Geisha required hours of heavy makeup, Zhang, 27, prefers a more minimal approach: "I like a natural and clean look. Having makeup on, I cannot recognize myself. It changes my feelings in my heart."


You know him from a year as Seth on One Life to Live and a guest spot on Will & Grace. But up next: leaping tall buildings to star with Kate Bosworth in Superman Returns, out in June. So, what about the costume? "I got used to the tights pretty fast," says Routh, 26. "And when you wear a cape, you glide and flow; you become regal. I'd recommend it."


Looking like he's been stranded on an island for months doesn't come easily to Lost's Andrews, 37. He hates the required growth of stubble and laments his limited wardrobe. But at least his hair-care routine hasn't had to change: "I can go two or three weeks without washing it. If I wash it more, it tends to turn into Sly and the Family Stone."



Melissa Joan Hart and her husband at Happy Valley Night Club in New York City

Alicia Silverstone leaving her yoga class, April 25, 2006.

Arrivals at the US Weekly Hot Hollywood Awards at the Republic Restaurant and Lounge in Los Angeles, California.

Avril Lavigne

Carmen Electra

One of the ugliest people ever! Haylie Duff

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Fugly Fug Kim Stewart

Jessica Alba

Brittany Murphy

And the Slutty Hiltons

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