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Beyonce gets all bombed out at Exclusive London Nightclub!

The "Crazy In Love" singer was partying and downing champagne all night at the $190,000 bash at London's exclusive Mo*vida nightclub. However, after yet another glass of vintage Dom Perignon the singer - dressed in a figure-hugging emerald dress - had to be helped to her chauffer-driven car by bodyguards, as she was too intoxicated to walk.

An onlooker said: "Beyonce is usually ultra composed, but at the party she was having a really fun time. She joined in the champagne toast. It was strange to see her make such a shaky exit." Jay-Z - who wowed his fans at the Royal Albert Hall concert - was left unfazed by his fiancee's ungraceful departure and joked: "Beyonce was like a green whirl on the dance floor." Fellow revelers at the star-studded bash Gwyneth Paltrow, her husband, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, and The Pussycat Dolls.


Baby Wigs are an Outrage!

It's never too long before the latest craze to sweep America makes its way to the UK but most would wish this one really hadn't. Celebrity wigs designed for babies up to nine months old and are set to hit the market, to the outrage of children's charities. There's a Bob Marley style dreadlock wig, a Samuel L Jackson afro as seen in movie Pulp Fiction and a Donald Trump comb-over - perhaps for that mature look.

For the girls there's flowing pink locks based on singer Lil' Kim. But Michelle Elliott of Kidscape said as well as unnecessary the wigs could be dangerous. "This is ridiculous. Any parent who buys one of these wigs for their child needs their head examining." Hmm I would have to agree.


A pregnant Brooke Burke spends time with her daughters in Malibu

Remember she is pregnant with former Baywatch babe David Charvet.

Madonna Tops Britney's Guinness Record

The 2007 edition of the Guinness Book of Records names Madonna as the highest paid female singer on the planet. Madonna, who earned $50 million in 2004, takes the title away from Britney Spears, who had held the record since 2001 after earning slightly more than $38 million in 2000.

Janet Jackson also replaced Spears in Web rankings for the world's most searched-for female and most searched-for news item. Among men, Brad Pitt was the most searched-for.

Elsewhere in the book: Nicole Kidman set the record for the highest salary per minute for an actor (a reported $3.71 million for a four-minute commercial for Chanel No. 5) and Oprah Winfrey is named the highest-paid person on TV ($225 million, according to the last Forbes power ranking).

American Idol star Simon Cowell is the highest paid TV talent-show judge (about $34 million), while Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has the highest annual earnings for a children's author, with an estimated $64 million.


Smart quote of the Day: Drew Barrymore

Drew insists that she would never become a victim of the “Hollywood Diet” which has consumed so many Hollywood celebrities:

“I’m never going to fall prey to that. I don’t have enough room in my life for the neurosis of other people’s expectations. If you’re too thin, they kill you and if you’re too fat, they kill you. There’s no such thing as perfection and someone else’s definition of it is not good enough for me. I love food too much to live in fear or starvation. If I could eat macaroni cheese every day then I’d be happy. I live for crispy tacos!”

Nicole Richie leaving Crystal Meth Anonymous Meeting?

Nicole Richie was photographed outside the West Hollywood Recovery Center on 626 N Robertson Boulevard. It’s an informal recovery center that focuses on 12-step meetings. Crystal Meth Anonymous meetings are held there on Wednesday nights. These pictures of Nicole Richie outside the West Hollywood Recovery center are said to be from 9/27 - Wednesday - the same day Crystal Meth Anonymous meetings are held.

Here’s the schedule of meetings at the West Hollywood Recovery Center on Wednesdays. It is possible the Nicole went to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting “step study” and not a Crystal Meth Anonymous meeting as they are held at the same time. There is also a Nicotine Anonymous meeting at 8:30, but these pictures seem to be taken earlier than the 9:45 PM ending time:

AA Meeting 6:30-7:30 AM
AA Meeting Step Study “Quitting Time” 7:00 - 8:00 PM
Crystal Meth Anonymous Meeting “Stick to the Solution” 7:00-8:00 PM
AA-HIV-Negative & Sober 8:00-9:00 PM
Nicotine Anonymous “Nic at Nite” 8:30-9:45 PM

It’s been rumored that Richie’s notorious stylist, Rachel Zoe, keeps her clients thin by serving as their drug dealer. Nicole may indeed be telling the truth that she doesn’t have an eating disorder, and her thin frame could be evidence of another addiction entirely.


Did Britney Dump her Publicist? If she didn't she should!

Long gone are the days of Britney cruising the streets of Malibu downing a bag of cheetos, or the endless photos of Britney at the drive through getting a quick bite to eat. What? Those are my favorite pictures!

Britney Spears has fired longtime publicist Leslie Sloane-Zelnick and taken charge of her own public relations, according to media reports. Sloane-Zelnick has been on hiatus since the beginning of September, after Spears insisted on handling the PR duties surrounding the birth of her second son Sutton Pierce, who was born on September 12.

Spears did manage to negotiate a lucrative deal for the exclusive rights to the first photos of Sutton. Although OK! magazine reportedly bid close to $2 million for the first photos, Spears turned down the deal and decided to go with People. People also published the first photos of her first child, Sean Preston, as well as the pictures from her wedding to Kevin Federline.

We hope Brit has dumped her PR team because frankly the past few years she has been viewed as nothing more than "A Hello my name is Earl" character. E! News is denying Radar Online's report that the pop star pulled a Jessica (or Joe) Simpson and gave her the boot, saying the duo have not parted ways.


Nick Carter was Hot for the Teacher!

Nick Carter, 26, will never forget the first girl he had sex with - because she grew up to become the infamous blond Florida teacher who bedded a 13-year-old student. The former Backstreet Boy told Howard Stern on Sirius Satellite Radio yesterday that he dated Debbie LeFave, 23, for 18 months when they were classmates, and busted up with her when he learned from pals "she had cheated on me with a girl." He kept quiet when the scandal broke because, "my publicist is like, stay as far away from that [bleep] as you can." Carter also discussed his sex sessions with Paris Hilton. "In the very beginning, you know, she was literally cleaning my carpet in my apartment . . . trying to act all domesticated," he related. "And then, before you know it, a month or two goes by and it's back to the old nose up in the air and who are you?" Of all the women he's slept with, LeFave was "probably No. 1. But maybe that's just because it was my first. Actually a lot of the girls I've just had the best sex with or best anything with have been just normal girls." Carter is blabbing now to promote his new show E! show, "House of Carters."


Lindsay at Stuff Magazine's "Stuff Style Awards"

Some things I just don't want to know!

"Celebrity chef Mario Batali has been enjoying la dolce vita this summer, with late-night drinking sessions at the Spotted Pig. During one recent bacchanal, which lasted almost until sunrise, the red-headed restaurateur told his companions he was leaving to "drop in on Courtney Love." "He said that he 'often' drops in on her," said our man with the big ears."

On August 17, 2006, Gawker had this to say about the above gossip. I'd have to agree with their commentary. We're going to dispense with all the obvious bits here (except the vomiting, which we've already done) and ask a serious question: How drunk does one have to be to not only admit that you're off to fuck Courtney Love, but that you've been fucking Courtney Love on a regular basis? Also, thank God the guy doesn't do the actual cooking at any of his restaurants anymore; we don't think we could ever eat anything he's touched again.


Hilary Duff's Birthday Party another year older and another year closer to going under the knife

Hilary Duff Says Plastic Surgery Can Help Some People If it will make you look better (and you have the money for it), then who is anybody to stop you from getting a facelift or, perhaps, a liposuction? Hilary Duff has defended stars who have plastic surgery, admitting that she would also go under the knife if she ever felt it necessary. She revealed to The Sun newspaper, "I don't have anything against people who have surgery. If I get older and feel uncomfortable about something then maybe I will have it. I never say never." Or never say maybe she already has?


Grand Opening of Area Nightclub

Grand Opening of Area Nightclub - Inside September 29, 2006, Hollywood


Anna Nicole Smith married her long-time attorney and close confidante, Howard K. Stern, this morning just shortly before 10:30 am in Nassau, Bahamas. The wedding occurred only 18 days after the death of Anna's son Daniel, 20, from an accidental drug overdose in her Nassau hospital room on September 10.

In a world-exclusive report, an eyewitness tells Star that Anna, 38, and Howard, 37, tied the knot shortly before 10:30 am on the morning of September 28, while sailing on a white catamaran off of Nassau!

"There was heavy security around the yacht, plus extra speedboats to deliver more supplies as needed (including unlimited Dom Perignon champagne) from the mainland to the catamaran," says the eyewitness, who adds that the wedding party celebrated the union afterwards by having a swim party around the yacht — "and Anna was wearing a pink bikini! Later on, she changed into a colorful, one-piece suit with a wrap around her waist."

Two days before, on September 26, Stern appeared live on the Larry King Show via satellite from the Bahamas, to announce that he was the father of Anna's newborn daughter Danilynne Hope, that he and Anna "love each other" — and that the duo would get married "at some point." Apparently, that point arrived much sooner than later. A source adds: "Stern was making all the arrangements in the days before the wedding."


More Drama for T.O.

The drama continues for Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens, he has apparently fired his personal trainer for revealing too much of T.O.'s personal life. James "Buddy" Primm, Terrell Owens' personal trainer, said Thursday that the Cowboys wide receiver had relieved him of his services and was no longer speaking to him. Oh geez read the rest of the drama Click Here.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Pete buys two new syringes

Just three days and 15 hours after leaving The Priory, Pete Doherty has been spotted buying syringes. He emerged on Monday looking healthier than ever But yesterday he was seen visiting a chemist in Dublin to buy two hypodermic needles. Pete was staying at the city’s Morrison Hotel with girlfriend Kate Moss. The supermodel joined him on his sell-out Irish tour, which ends tonight at the Heineken Festival in Waterford. But yesterday lunchtime, before a gig, he left Kate’s side to sneak out and buy his secret package. At 12.05pm he walked into Health Express chemist in Millenium Ways, Dublin, on his own. Wearing a scruffy white T-shirt and black suit, he left minutes later putting a bag containing two syringes into his top pocket. An hour after he sprinted back to the couple’s hotel suite, Kate left to catch a plane back to London. This comes just days after Pete vowed to Kate he was clean from drugs and ready to marry her.


Jessica is Depressed!

Jessica Simpson is not a happy camper lately - mentally or physically. During the after-party for her sister Ashlee's London debut in "Chicago," Simpson stormed out of the Sound Bar shouting, "I don't want to be here - why won't people just leave me alone?" Later, her dad Joe told the Mirror, "Jess is quite down at the moment. She's not comfortable talking to people as she's quite depressed and we're walking on eggshells." Meanwhile, at a recent shoot for a Direct TV commercial, Simpson kept everyone waiting for over an hour - due to a stomach bug, spies say. Her mane-man, hairdresser and constant companion Ken Paves, was overheard telling people, "Well, what do you want her to do? [Bleep] her pants?" But a rep for Simpson denied any physical ailment and said, "there was a minor delay but simply because her voice has not yet healed."


OK Magazine Cover

Real World 19 Casting Call: Ann Arbor, Michigan

For more information visit

Ashlee performs in Chicago

Morton Makes Lohan's Publicists Look Stupid With Split Story

Hard Rock Cafe heir Harry Morton has left ex-girlfriend Lindsay Lohan's publicists red faced after admitting he and the party girl have split just days after they denied break-up reports were true. Morton and Lohan were said to have split after a fight at a club in Los Angeles last week and, despite publicists' desperate efforts to kill the story over the weekend, Morton has now confirmed he's no longer dating the actress/singer.

Speaking exclusively to US news show Extra, Morton has revealed, "We're just sort of taking a little breather right now and slowing things down." The restaurateur admits the pressure he felt following speculation he'd bought the Mean Girls star an engagement ring helped him make his decision. He adds, "A lot of people started saying we're engaged and it put a lot of pressure on things. We need a little space... I'm a very private person. I'm sure she (Lohan) has dealt with it (publicity) for years but it puts a lot of pressure on me.


Adam and Rachel things not going so good?

Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson have reportedly hit a rough patch. The stars of “The O.C.” fell in love while working on the show, and it “looked like they were on their way to getting engaged just a little while back,” a source told Star, but “are going through a really difficult period right now.” One reason, according to the insider, may be because of Bilson’s friendship with Zach Braff, her co-star from “The Last Kiss.” “Zach calls Rachel a lot and they talk on the phone like girlfriends,” says the insider. "But what really eats away at Adam is when Rachel starts talking about how mature Zach is. No guy appreciates his girlfriend comparing him to another guy.”  . .

I saw "The Last Kiss" this week, totally not what I expected. Very dramatic and kind of sad. I was looking for more of a feel good movie. Definately not it!


Nicole Richie says there is “no chance” that she’ll reconcile with her former best friend Paris Hilton

The star of “The Simple Life” also says that there’s nothing about the friendship that she misses. “We haven’t been friends in about three years,” Richie told talk show host Tyra Banks, explaining that she and Hilton’s friendship had actually ended a couple of years before Hilton announced it. She denied rumors that the two parted ways when Richie hosted a viewing of Hilton’s infamous sex tape, explaining, “There was no falling out. We’re just not the same people.”

She also blasted buzz that she’s going to reconcile on-air, saying, “That would be just stupid.” Richie also addressed the issue of her weight, flatly denying that she has anorexia or bulimia — and insisted that her thinness is due to nerves. She acknowledged that she needs to pack on a few pounds, but when asked how many, says she doesn’t know, explaining, “I don’t own a scale.”

and picture: Nicole in Elle Magazine

Jaime Pressly Getting Engaged! (and possibly with child?)

Jaime Pressly and her DJ beau, Eric Cubiche, wanted Us to be the first to know the good news: "We're going this weekend to [Beverly Hills jewelry store] XIV Karats to design my engagement ring," the My Name Is Earl star, 29, told Us on September 21. "I'm really looking forward to it." Though they only started dating a year ago, "Eric's been my best friend for nine years, It's one of those things where when you're ready, you're ready. And we are."

  What makes them click? "She laughs at all my jokes," Cubiche said. "And I just love to sit back and watch her shine. We couldn't be any closer."


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Simpson Sisters at Mr. Chows in London

A Part of Screech's Sex Tape!

Ewww part of Screech's Sex Tape, I don't think I can ever watch "Saved By the Bell" and look at Dustin Diamond the same. To catch a preview Click Here.

Meds Killed Daniel Smith!

The death of Anna Nicole Smith's 20-year-old son Daniel was caused by a lethal combination of methadone, Zoloft and Lexapro, pathologist Cyril Wecht has revealed to PEOPLE exclusively. Wecht said the drugs caused the cardiac dysrhythmia that led to Daniel's death. Wecht got the toxicology results from National Medical Services in Willow Grove, Pa., today. Daniel Smith died in his mother's hospital room Sept. 10 while visiting her in the Bahamas three days after she gave birth to a baby girl named Dannielynn Hope. Smith's longtime lawyer, Howard K. Stern, revealed Tuesday that he is the father of the little girl.


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