Monday, March 12, 2007

Ashley Judd forced to Flee Fans in India

Campaigning actress Ashley Judd was forced to disrupt her charity trip in India after being mobbed by fans in Mumbai's red-light district. The KISS THE GIRLS star is in the country promoting AIDS awareness as an ambassador for YouthAIDS.

However, a meet-and-greet with sex workers in the Kamathipura district of India's financial capital ended in chaos when hundreds of fans descended on the narrow streets yesterday .

K BALAJI, a spokesperson for the YouthAIDS project, says, "We had to postpone plans as there were too many people."

Judd's security staff bundled her into a waiting car, delaying her programme by several hours. However, she returned to the area later to continue her visit.

The actress' week-long Indian itinerary will now be kept secret to prevent a similar situation.


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