Thursday, May 31, 2007

Jessica Alba Says Something

Jessica Alba had an interview in the most recent issue of Parade magazine where she answered some of life's toughest questions about the struggles of a young Hollywood actress.

On the paparazzi: “I could give two sh-ts about them. They’re so lame, I can’t even believe that’s a real job. I can’t imagine they even pay taxes.”
On working in a man’s world: “I’m in a business that’s completely driven by white males. The majority of writers and directors are men. And even though I’m not, like, such a huge feminist, I do want to produce movies on my own that are female-driven and empowering to women. Variety is good. The woman’s voice really isn’t present in Hollywood.”

This interview is chalk-full of opportunities to bash Jessica, but I'll bypass that and let the irony of the photo of 19 white guys staring at Jessica speak for itself. Damn! Her ass looks phenomenal!