Monday, July 31, 2006

Meet the new Mr. and Mrs. Rock

Detroit rocker Kid Rock and sex symbol Pamela Anderson were wed Saturday in southern France, aboard a yacht in St. Tropez. In a post on her Web site dated Sunday and titled "MRS. ROCK!!!," Anderson described the "rock 'n' roll" wedding as, "The best most romantic wedding of all time." She said she will be releasing pictures from the wedding on her Web site soon. At the ceremony, the bride wore white -- a white string bikini, that is.

Scads of celebs were expected to watch the couple say their Bawitdabas -- or, rather, their "I do's" -- on the French Riviera, where Rock and Anderson rekindled their love affair earlier this month. They bumped into each other while Anderson was celebrating her 39th birthday, and they announced their engagement less than two weeks ago. The bad boy and the bombshell were originally engaged in 2002 but split the following year.

The wedding was Rock's first and Anderson's second. She was married to Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee in 1995; incidentally, she wore a bikini to that wedding, too. And they're not done yet: Anderson said last week she is planning on having several wedding celebrations, including one in Detroit. No details of the ceremony are available yet. Several gossip magazines reported Rock, 35, and Anderson's St. Tropez vows would not be considered legal, since couples getting married there must be legal residents of France for 30 days before the ceremony and must own property in the country.