Monday, August 14, 2006

Baby Suri makes 1st Pulic Appearance

Tom and Katie took baby Suri over to Will and Jada's for a play date. The mystery of Suri Cruise appears to be not such a mystery after all. A source tells the NY Post that the beautiful baby made an appearance at the recent Los Angeles birthday of Jaden Smith, son of Jada Pinkett and Will Smith. Tom Cruise became friendly with the actor couple through his older children from his marriage to Nicole Kidman.

According to the eyewitness: "Suri is a beautiful baby. She had no deformities that I could see! She has a gorgeous head full of dark, curly hair, and she resembles both parents, though she looks slightly more like Tom." Tom and Katie Holmes appeared relaxed at the party, which was held at a roller-skating rink. Adds the snitch: "Sadly, they did not attempt to roller-skate."

I'd have to agree Suri does look more like Tom.

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