Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Doherty Hangs Up On Newsweek Reporter

Former Beverly Hills, 90210 star Shannen Doherty slammed the phone down on a Newsweek magazine reporter when asked about allegations she attempted to run over a former boyfriend. The actress was promoting her new series Breaking Up With Shannen Doherty where she helps people end toxic relationships with lovers, friends and employers.

Newsweek reporter Nicki Gostin asked the former Charmed star about personal turmoil in her own relationships saying, "Haven't you had some bad breakups? You tried to run over a boyfriend a long time ago, right?" A terse Doherty replied, "No, and if that's the way you're going with this then I'd rather not even do the interview. I'm not going to have things rehashed from 15 years ago. I'm not going to combat lies. I can already tell what's going to be in your article." When Gostin tried to explain, the irate star interrupted saying, "Let me hang up and call my publicist and then we'll reconvene, because I'm not going down this path." The star never returned the call to complete the interview.


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