Thursday, August 17, 2006

Jennifer Aniston: 'I'm Not Engaged!'

Jennifer Aniston, in an exclusive interview Wednesday with PEOPLE, denied published reports that she and Vince Vaughn are engaged, calling the stories "insane" and saying that "people are getting fed a lot of bull."

"I'm not engaged and I don't have a ring and I haven't been proposed to," Aniston said in a telephone conversation she initiated to debunk the engagement rumors. "Normally we don't even acknowledge these things because they're endless, at this point. The thing that got me was that I was getting phone calls from Greece! My Aunt Mary in Greece is getting accused of lying! I mean, they're getting angry.

"My dad calls and he says, 'Honey, it's on the CNN crawl,' and I'm going, 'Wait a second!' When it starts to travel over into the Today show and CNN and supposedly reliable and accurate news programs, then you just go, 'This is insane.' People are getting fed a lot of bull."


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