Friday, August 25, 2006

Lindsay should have her ass kicked!

Veteran character actor William H. Macy says he respects Lindsay Lohan's talent – but not her behavior.

"You can't show up late," Macy, 56, told reporters Thursday at a Los Angeles junket promoting his new movie, Everyone's Hero. "It's very, very disrespectful."

Macy, who shares a scene with Lohan, 20, in the upcoming Emilio Estevez-directed drama Bobby, called the actress a "huge talent," but echoed the sentiments expressed in a letter sent to her recently by a studio chief who blasted her work ethic.

The letter came from James G. Robinson, CEO of Morgan Creek Productions, which is producing Lohan's film Georgia Rule. Macy's wife, Felicity Huffman, also stars in the movie.

"I think what an actor has to realize (is that) when you show up an hour late, 150 people have been scrambling to cover for you," Macy told reporters Thursday. "There is not an apology big enough in the world to have to make 150 people scramble. It's nothing but disrespect. And Lindsay Lohan is not the only one. A lot of actors show up late as if they're God's gift to the film. It's inexcusable, and they should have their asses kicked."


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