Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tyler Duckworth of ‘The Real World: Key West’ bashes back

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According to NY Metro: Yesterday afternoon, we got a call from Tyler Duckworth, the gay kid on “The Real World: Key West,” who was shocked and appalled to find out that the producers at MTV had cobbled together an unflattering montage for the “Real World” reunion, which aired last night. Although he was suffering from food poisoning from the stuffed lobster linguine at the Ivy (“Now I know why Nicole Richie is so skinny — she just pukes it out”), he took time to fill us in on the massacre. These days, he’s working on comedy sportscasting, stand-up and a nonprofit Web site for openly gay athletes. “So I’m keeping busy between being vilified in the media,” he says. “Someone has to stand up for the lonely homos.”

OK, give me the set-up, about the reunion.
It’s been seven months. Right beforehand, we get all liquored up. It’s all friendly. Then when we get onstage, they play this montage with every bad thing I’ve ever said. Everyone is seething. It’s like they’re playing the “Lord of the Rings” trailer — with me in the role of Sauron.

Let me guess: Then everyone said how much they love you.
Svetlana deserves an Oscar. She starts out by saying, “I just wanted you to know how verbally abusive you’ve been.” Has she been doing crack with Whitney lately? Then we cut to a commercial break, and Svetlana, dry-eyed, snaps, “Can I get a Diet Coke, please?” They came after me with pitchforks and torches! And I’m thinking: Where is this pent-up angst coming from? Is this a Nirvana video?

Were you the sole target of the producer’s ire?
Paula, as you may know from the tabloids, was arrested when she bit her boyfriend. When she was asked about him, she said, “We’re growing together.” And I said, “Do domestic abuse charges count as growing? Can we talk about ending the cycle of abuse?” No one in the cast stood by me. But backstage, a few said to me, “Oh my God, I’m so glad you said that.” Where were they onstage?

Were there sneaky tricks in the editing room?
Svetlana, for example, said gay people are child molesters — and they just showed my reaction. That’s like me saying, “Women are bitches! You should stay in the kitchen,” then just showing the footage of you reacting. I can’t defend myself against misleading evidence. And I said I was sorry for these things six months ago. It’s not like I performed an abortion on you! Get over it! Good luck with getting arrested! Good luck with that cocaine habit! I’m not naming names — the media will catch up soon enough.

If you missed it? If you didn’t catch the drama, watch “The Real World: Key West” reunion at 10 p.m. on Saturday on MTV.


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