Friday, September 29, 2006

Did Britney Dump her Publicist? If she didn't she should!

Long gone are the days of Britney cruising the streets of Malibu downing a bag of cheetos, or the endless photos of Britney at the drive through getting a quick bite to eat. What? Those are my favorite pictures!

Britney Spears has fired longtime publicist Leslie Sloane-Zelnick and taken charge of her own public relations, according to media reports. Sloane-Zelnick has been on hiatus since the beginning of September, after Spears insisted on handling the PR duties surrounding the birth of her second son Sutton Pierce, who was born on September 12.

Spears did manage to negotiate a lucrative deal for the exclusive rights to the first photos of Sutton. Although OK! magazine reportedly bid close to $2 million for the first photos, Spears turned down the deal and decided to go with People. People also published the first photos of her first child, Sean Preston, as well as the pictures from her wedding to Kevin Federline.

We hope Brit has dumped her PR team because frankly the past few years she has been viewed as nothing more than "A Hello my name is Earl" character. E! News is denying Radar Online's report that the pop star pulled a Jessica (or Joe) Simpson and gave her the boot, saying the duo have not parted ways.


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