Friday, September 15, 2006

Hollywood Tell-All Book Exclusive: "Pellicano's Enforcer"- The Heterosexual Tom Cruise (and more) Scandal Chapter!

Ok this is a REALLY long article but if you have a minute, a new book about shady Hollywood attorney Anthony Pellicano is set to blow the lid on how Tom Cruise’s romp with a male prostitute was kept out of the tabloids. There’s an entire chapter online, and while it’s quite long it’s a trashy and worthwhile read. To read the entire thing Click Here.

A male prostitute named "Red" discusses his paid romances with some of Hollywood's biggest stars. Who are some of these big named stars he has been intimate with? Red rattled off a laundry list of celebrities he supposedly had sex with? Tom Cruise, Antonio Bandares, Jason Priestly and country singers Garth Brooks and Randy Travis.

His encounter with Tom Cruise took place in London during the filming of Eyes Wide Shut, on location there.

Exclusive excerpt from "Pellicano's Enforcer" - a book-in-progress by Paul Barresi with Raymond Strait:
Red made arrangements to sit down together in a taped session. The following is excerpted from the first interview on August 21, 2001:

RED: Marcello (club host) took me to a room outside this club to wait and I just sat there. Then two men came into the room. They told me it would be a very simple job and that they were going to pay me in cash, showing me an envelope with approximately five hundred UK pounds in cash.

PAUL: Then what?

RED: They took me with them in a car and we drove, I think to the Highgate area, to a house. Nothing spectacular. We went into the back of the house where Tom Cruise was sitting on a small sofa. A mat had been spread out on the floor. Cruise, dressed in what looked like a body suit, looked so cute. Either a black or very dark navy blue body suit for wrestling. He had on a little cap thingy, but the chin strap wasn't attached. Grinning and gloating at me, he said, "Strip down to your underwear and play with me for a little while." That's really the only conversation we had. We played. We wrestled. He was nice to me. I mean, he let me win, then he asked me if it was okay if he could rip off my briefs and told me he would buy me a new pair.

I remember looking very close into his eyes and (I could tell because I used to tint my eyebrows and lashes) - maybe not his brows, but for sure his lashes were tinted because they had been growing out and I could see kind of like a lighter color around the edges of his eyes and if you look closer, he is a very fair skinned man.

PAUL: You wrestled around with him for how long?

RED: About an hour and a half, maybe.

PAUL: And what was going on?

It gets more you know... Click Here to finish reading scroll down a bit!


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