Friday, September 08, 2006

Jessica Simpson on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Jessica Simpson dropped by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday. Wearing a plunging black dress with a slit up the leg, she flirted with Jay, assuring him that laryngitis isn’t contagious. "If you want to kiss we can kiss and you won't catch it,” she said coyly. She also discussed her “butt chin,” the pore-clogging effects of Diet Coke, and confessed that she might get a breast lift when her boobs are long enough to use as a belt.

  On not dating John Mayer:
"John [Mayer]! What a good guy!  He's 28 and a legend.  He's a very great guy -- just friends.  He's a great guy…Trust me, if I went on a date you would know.  The entire world would know.  I can't go anywhere."

  On Dane Cook:
“Dane is great.  Dane is so great…No dating -- he is the costar in my new movie Employee of the Month!  I'm lonely."

  On Jude Law:
"I have not dated him.  I heard that rumor.  I saw somewhere at the Chateau or something and me seeing him meant I was automatically in bed with him!"

  On Botox:
"Not Botox -- I’m too young to do Botox!  I'm only 26! Who needs Botox at 26?  That's some hard partying!"

  On Restalyne:
"I did Restalyne- I was going though an emotional time and I thought maybe if my lips were bigger people would think it was sexy.  It only stays for four months.  I looked like a blowfish!  I looked so goofy!  I prayed every night, 'Please let them go down!'  But where does it go?  I know I have the butt chin.  I wonder if it made my butt chin bigger?  Where did it go?"…Its gone now- these are my lips!  I have good lips. I don't know why I did it.  I was going through a hard time- I was going through a divorce!"

  On getting a boob job in the future:
"I have boobs you know.  The only thing I would do is after I had kids and the boobs are down to my bellybutton, I might do something to put them back up!  But I like the way I look."

  On diet soda:
"I don't know about diet sodas. I think it gives you cellulite.  It clogs those pores- it gives you the holes we all hate."

  On where she is now:
"The place that I'm in right now, I'm just a girl trying to be a woman trying to have a good time trying to have a life."

  Source and pic credit: Splash News Online

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