Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Shanna feels betrayed by Paris and Travis!

Hilton and Barker were spotted at New York hot spot Butter Monday night at a party hosted by Kanye West. Hilton's rep said Tuesday: "They like each other. Paris really likes him. Beyond that I cannot comment."

Moakler's response? "When I first heard of the situation I felt betrayed, but in order to maintain a positive atmosphere for my children I've decided that not to exacerbate the situation by commenting on each new aspect of Travis Barker's personal life."

As for Hilton and Barker's night out, the pair snuggled and whispered in a corner banquette in the back of the club. When West's song "Diamonds from Sierra Leone" began playing, Hilton stood up and started dancing near Barker. Hilton's rep added: "Paris is single right now. You may in the future see her in the company of other men."


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