Friday, October 20, 2006

18th Season of The Real World: Denver Cast!!

Here’s the cast photo for The Real World: Denver (MTV’s 18th season of The Real World)! Oh God 18 seasons that is actually scary to me because I remember the first one. That means I have been watching the Real World for 18 years. Yikes! Clockwise from top: Stephen, Colie, Davis, Brooke, Tyrie, Jenn & Alex. The Real World: Denver premieres on Wednesday, Nov. 22 @ 10PM ET/PT on MTV. Here’s the lowdown on all the cast members:

Alex Smith, 22 - Houston, TX — Alex is the product of a recipe that includes a heap of cockiness, a dash of street smarts, tad bit of sensitivity and a whole lot of sex appeal. However, this over confident, Texan flirt does not lack passion. He holds many things close to his heart; such as, his position as Division I swimmer at ASU, his family, his women (yes, plural!) and his never-ending escapades at the hottest parties. Yet, he yearns to build credit as a mature gentleman.

Brooke Jackson LaBarbera, 24 - Nashville, TN — Raised by two clinical psychologists in a sheltered environment, Brooke is not your typical southern belle. She’s grown up to be everything her society averts. Admitting to be an extremely sexual person, Brooke ended a long-term interracial relationship just prior to joining the cast of Real World to see if her dream of stardom could become a reality. One thing is for sure, life for this dainty-looking, self-assured, independent young woman is ready for all the challenges the Real World has to offer.

Stephen Nichols, 22 - Washington, DC — Stephen is a charmer who flies in the face of convention. Originally from Sacramento, Stephen attends Howard University in Washington, DC. A hardcore Republican conservative who is against gay marriage, Stephen can be quite outspoken, but also deeply religious. He’s extremely ambitious and loves to be the center of attention. He’s also an expert in persuasion and salesmanship. There’s no question that he will expect to be top dog at the house. The problem is his roommates are probably thinking the same thing about themselves.

Colie (aka Nicole Mara Edison), 22 - East Brunswick, NJ — This sorority president is probably the strongest personality in the house. Her disciplined attitude comprises of making profound promises, keeping her word, and displaying a go-getter attitude. Colie’s constant need for attention (especially from the male kind) and her free-spirited nature makes it easy to label her as the typical crazy party girl. But those who care to observe would notice a softer heart. Colie will be sure to stir things up, contributing her own brand of unpredictability to the mix.

Tyrie (aka Ty Ballard), 23 - Omaha, NE — Raised by a father from a military background, Tyrie is the product of a strict and aggressive upbringing. That served as the main roadblock for a healthy father-son relationship in the family. While Tyrie searched for a safe haven, he found refuge in a gang. Today, Tyrie makes an effort to leave his past behind and remain focused and determined to succeed in life. Already renowned on his college campus for his sharp wit, passion for politics, and big heart, Tyrie is ready to take things to the next level.

Jennifer, 22 - Martinez, CA — Jenn has played the typical happy roles in her life as the cheerleader, popular girl and party animal. However behind this fun-loving facade, this Oakland Raiderette cheerleader yearns for emotional attachment. Her quest for real happiness stems from her inability to allow herself to be vulnerable, love and trust.

Davis (aka James Davis Mallory IV), 23 - Marietta, GA — Davis is the typical blonde-haired, blue-eyed, frat boy. Or is he? Hailing from the south, his upbringing was steeped in conservative Christianity. There’s only one issue…Davis is gay. He first realized this in sixth grade, and came out to his mom a few years later. Not surprisingly, Davis’ revelation was not received well within his family. Applying for the Real World was a big step for Davis. He’s spent most of his life afraid to show the world who he truly is, but now he’s ready for that to change.


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