Monday, October 02, 2006

Dave Navarro hooking up with Storm?

Dave Navarro must not read the gossip columns, or he'd know he was supposed to be dating a young lady by the name of Susan Howard. A host of the recently completed "Rock Star: Supernova," Navarro has been hanging out with one of the show's sexy contestants, the elaborately named Storm Susan Large.

They were looking very cozy at the Stuff Style Awards party in L.A. last week, where, bizarrely, Howard herself was being trailed by a camera crew for her own (you guessed it) reality show, "It Girls." "Howard did not look very happy when Navarro blatantly avoided her and hid out in the LG VIP area with [Large]," says a spywitness. "Dave was rubbing Storm's back, and they snuggled before leaving together." Don't worry, Susan, at least it'll make good TV.


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