Friday, October 06, 2006

Wilmer has had enough!

Somebody is getting sick and tired of Lindsay Lohan's antics. And it's not just you readers. It's her exboyfriend Wilmer Valderrama. Privately he has quietly started avoiding Lindsay whenever possible. When they split up awhile back, Wilmer wanted to remain friends but Lindsay's clingy behavior made it difficult. He's grown tired of her overpublicized life - her nightclub dramas and boyfriend-hopping. (Note that she has started carrying a water bottle to deflect suspicions of underage drinking) An insider revealed "Whenever she runs into Wilmer she gloms right onto him and he has to baby-sit her. Wilmer doesn't want to hurt her feelings, but now he often calls to ask if Lindsay is there before he goes to a club and if he walks in someplace and sees her - he turns around and leaves."


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