Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Kevin Federline planning tell-all book on Britney's deep-dark secrets

After getting the boot from Britney Spears, Kevin Federline has become totally broke, and he may reportedly go to any extent to extract as much money as he can. Kevin is reportedly considering penning a tell-all book about life with 24-year-old Britney, in which he plans to expose a side of her, fans have never before seen. The aspiring rapper has been with Britney for two years and knows things she probably doesn't want to go public. The details would probably get huge media play, and Kevin knows it, reports National Enquirer.

He aims to paint a lurid picture of Britney's visits to gay bars and her physical encounters with other women...discuss her reported use of cocaine and marijuana...her plastic surgery and embarrassing physical problems, reports TMZ. He criticized the very things Britney was most insecure about - her weight, acne, and hair according to the source. He also filed for the custody of the couple's two children to just extort money from Spears.

Thanks to Britney's air-tight prenup, K-Fed will only get less than 250,000 dollars and around 2.5 million dollars (his share of the Malibu house). So he has threatened that there are things the judge may want to know about her past that could bear on her mothering skills, but he may go away for a price.

A source close to Britney reveals that Kevin lavishly spent her money, which usually triggered fights. He blew about 7,000 dollars a month on shoes, hats, and clothing. And when in Las Vegas, he would lose a minimum of 50,000 dollars at the craps table.


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