Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A very interesting Blind Item

Below is a post written by Entertainment Lawyer, this real-life lawyer who blogs about his Hollywood encounters. Being that he has to keep certain things confidential, he never names the celeb(s) in question but drops interesting hints. His posts kind of read like blind items. So far I've read about A-list actors who abuse their girlfriends (and the paps who have it all on film), former A-list TV heartthrobs who have fathered kids with 15-year-old girls, and washed-up actresses in dire need of rehab.

This tale is very interesting....

"Let me preface this post, by saying that if this story ever comes out, it would blow the music world up and shake it to its core..This would put the Milli Vanilli scandal and Ashlee Simpson SNL situation so far down the ladder it would be crazy..." To continue reading Click Here.


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