Tuesday, November 28, 2006

When Super-Skinniness Kills

After a series of anorexia related deaths in the fashion world, notoriously thin Hollywood stars may finally be taking notice of their unhealthy standards for beauty.  This August, Uruguayan model Luisel Ramos died at age twenty two due to heart failure during a fashion show.  Mere months later, on November 14th, Brazilian model Ana Carolina Reston died from multiple organ failure as a complication from severe anorexia nervosa that had pushed her into a coma weeks before.  Two days later the eating disorder claimed another Brazilian high-fashion victim, when Carla Sobrado Casalle died during treatment for anorexia. 

However, despite these tragic losses of young lives, the fashion industry does not seem to be alarmed, as agencies and fashion designers continue to choose pin-thin models to showcase their clothes.  But some Hollywood actresses may be mending their ways.  Nicole Ritchie has been asking her family if she looks like these fatally skinny models, despite denying that she has an eating disorder.  Reston ’s recent death may be motivation for her to add a few pounds to her disappearing waistline.  Kate Bosworth, who could also stand to gain some weight to her almost skeletal frame seems unfazed by the recent news, and was seen flaunting super-skinny jeans in NYC on Nov. 16th.  With dramatic weight loss continuing as the look to obtain, Hollywood and fashion admirers alike are hoping that it won’t take more famous deaths for these stars to learn their lesson, that healthy should be the new skinny.


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