Friday, December 01, 2006

Blind Items: Something to Think About

1.) Who, when he got out of that police car, tripped, and so did his toupee? (His hairpiece in the back flew up, leaving only the hair plugs in the front. His people have tried to buy up the photos ever since.)

2.) What local news presence once took a leave of absence and came back married, though he's still remembered from Ivy League queer dances and suburban gay bars?

3.) What aging beauty and director are married strictly for convenience, trust me? 4.) What acclaimed foreign star, whom some find quite hunky, is a big old closeted hombre?

5.) What hunting accident, swears an insider, was actually the fault of the secret mistress of the guy who took the blame?

6.) What '80s novelist turned bright red screaming at an uptown diarist for having written that the guy's latest tome was a bit of a stiff?

7.) What male Broadway performer has a boyfriend, but has been doing it with another hot guy in the same revival? (No, it's not Raúl ; the Company men are talented but not exactly sizzling.)

8.) What cover story was supposedly written by a Scientologist, which explains a lot?

9.) Which gay porn actor claims he's been hired by that ex-child star, that disabled singer, and that action star (who was very enthusiastic about the sucking aspect of it)?

10.) What '60s TV kook used to get her vagina kicked by an abusive film star? 11.) What quirky film actress had a 30th birthday party gala the day she turned 37? 12.) What brooding actor supposedly contacted all his gay friends when he became famous, informing them that he could not possibly see them anymore for his career's sake?

13.) What society goddess lies—well, let's say exaggerates a teensy bit—when it comes to her top-drawer family and big-buck background?

14.) What adorable film actor was once the rent boy for a rich Irish farmer?


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