Friday, December 08, 2006

Britney's Bad Habits!

Britney has been "partying" very hard lately, In Touch Weekly is the first publication to print a report of the mother's drug-taking habits. In this case, the celebrity pub claims that Britney is a pill-popper. In their new issue, on newsstands now, In Touch reports: On November 27th, Britney paid a visit to the restaurant Dan Tana's in West Hollywood. This is the infamous night when an out-of-control Spears was seen exiting the eatery with a glass of wine as she walked to her car. While inside, Spears paid a visit to the ladies' room, where the pop star plopped her pursed down on the counter and in front of several witnesses opened her bag to reveal a bounty of pills inside. "It looked like a pharmacy in there - I have never seen so many pills," an eyewitness says. "There was a bottle of Paxil (an antidepressant) and a bottle of Xanax (for anxiety) that she took out and put on the counter." Mixing these drugs (and possibly other) drugs with alcohol is extremely dangerous. In addition to that one visit to the ladies room, Britney has been spending A LOT of time in the bathrooms of clubs (making out with Brandon Davis) and after-hours parties lately....engaging in various activities.


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