Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Carrie Underwood dating Cowboy QB Tony Romo?

Christmas Day's NFL coverage of the Dallas Cowboys against the Philadelphia Eagles briefly showed quarterback Tony Romo, 26, chatting up a very familiar blonde during pre-game warm-ups. It wasn't a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader, it wasn't Jessica Simpson (who Romo had been rumored to be dating), it was American Idol Carrie Underwood! The 23-year-old southern country singer has a successful album and an NFL quarterback for a boyfriend- bet Jessica is jealous!

Tony Romo has confirmed the relationship to a hometown paper, the Journal Gazette/Times-Courier, answering the reporter's query if his wife was right that he was dating Jessica Simpson (that other blonde, southern, reality-tv sensation) with a laughing, "No. Tell her I am dating Carrie Underwood."


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