Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The REAL Reason Jen and Vince Split! Vince Vaughn Romances American Student in Budapest!

They just announced that they officially split could but could Jennifer Aniston be doing damage control? In this week's Star magazine they blow the whistle on Vince's wild weekend in Budapest with a beautiful young co-ed--who sent out a blast email to all her friends detailing the sexy tryst. Story below....

As Jennifer Aniston was sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner with her best friend Courtney Cox-Arquette in Beverly Hills on November 24, her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Vince Vaughn, was preparing for a holiday feast of his own in Hungary! On the menu? A sexy evening in his Budapest hotel room with a beautiful, 20-year-old American college student!

Star Magazine has learned that, after telling Jen, 37, that the near 12-hour flight to LA from London (where he’s been filming Fred Claus) was too long to travel for the holiday, Vince hopped a three-and-a-half hour flight to Budapest instead. On November 25, while dining at a local restaurant with two friends, Vince, 36, befriended three female students at a nearby table – including Laura Lane, 20, a junior at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, who was on holiday while studying abroad in Rome. The group proceeded to have a cocktail-fueled evening that ended with Vaughn and Lane (who goes by her middle name Mallory) in bed together – all of it documented in an email entitled, "I shacked with Vince Vaughn" that Lane sent to 22 of her Gamma sorority sisters, says a source!

When the bars closed at 2am, Mallory wrote, the group ventured back to Vaughn’s hotel. "We felt so comfortable with them at this point," she wrote. "[Vince] was super nice and so funny." Mallory reported that Vince even suggested playing the sexy word game, "I never…" – "and so there we are, getting all his dirty secrets out of him!"

Lane wrote that when the group was ready to call it a night, Vaughn asked her to stay for another drink – which she did. "We talked some more (and yes, we talked about Jen), and one thing led to another and obviously we were messing around before too long," Mallory wrote. "We didn’t have sex, but it was just as good : )" Afterwards, the pair watched the sunrise from Vaughn’s "gigantic" bed.



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