Monday, December 04, 2006

Scientologists Need to Stick Together! Posh spotted house-hunting next door to the Cruises!

Stalker alert! Victoria Beckham has been spotted house-hunting in Hollywood next door guessed it, her NBF Katie Holmes. Uber-skinny Posh, 32, has wanted to move to America to expand her growing fashion empire for a while but befriending Katie and her hubby Tom Cruise has propelled the hunt into overdrive.

Victoria took to the Hollywood Hills in a sexy black number yesterday to view three properties. The first house she looked at was formerly owned by Chris Evans and Billie Piper and Lionel Richie. She then went on to see a house overlooking the San Fernando Valley, but spent only 10 minutes looking around before heading off to a house three doors down from TomKat — and we’re told she already has her heart set on it.


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