Thursday, January 18, 2007

Jennifer Garner Went On Diet To Lose Post-Pregnancy Weight

You may wonder how so many female celebrities suddenly look fabulous post-pregnancy, but despite what you may think, the baby weight doesn't magically come off. Jennifer Garner admits she battled to lose her post-baby weight for the Golden Globes. The actress - who gave birth to daughter Violet last year - says she struggled to fit into the white beaded gown she wore to the awards ceremony on Monday.

She revealed, "Losing the baby weight took me a long, long time. I just wasn't that motivated. I wanted to play with Violet. To slow down and go at her pace has been such a gift. Then I got on the treadmill, stopped stuffing my face and lost the weight. I cut out croissants, bagels and muffins - all the good stuff. And went back to having a salad once a day and protein."

Jennifer - who is married to Ben Affleck - says she finds it difficult to go anywhere without Violet but insists Ben is a good father. The 34-year-old said, "He does a good job. I mean, OK, maybe I wrote out what he was supposed to make for her to eat today while I was gone. But that's just me being paranoid. He's great - he can do it." She added, There's nothing more emotional than seeing your partner - the man you love - with your baby at any time, the first time, the second, yesterday, today. There's nothing more beautiful."


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