Thursday, January 04, 2007

Kendra Wants Out of her Playboy Contract!

According to Page Six, Sources in the bunny empire hear that Kendra - one of Hugh Hefner’s three girlfriends featured in “Girls Next Door” - is anxious for her Playboy contract to expire. “Kendra has one more year. She has a ton of offers and cannot wait to get out, though she is grateful,” said our spy. “The girls do not like each other and constantly compete.” The multiple mates put a stress on Hef, too, though his current trio is less hectic than the seven blondes he had before: “The past girlfriends used to give Hef health problems with all the troubles they caused.”

Kendra responded on her MySpace Account today here is what she had to say about the article:

I just wanna clear some things up for u who read the article on page six in the New York post.  ITS NOT TRUE!!!hahahaa!!!! I am very happy in my life and I love Hef with all my heart.  Holly, Bridget and I are perfectly fine and there is nothing wrong!!! I do not have a contract to live here like the article said, I am here because i want to be here and cuz Hef wants me to be here.  There was one thing in that article that they got right and that was the spelling of my name hahaha!!! So like i said before, don't believe every stupid article u see cuz most of them are coming from very jealous, evil people!  Anyways, I love u all and i wish u all the best in 2007!!!



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