Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Perez Hilton and Jessica Simpson?

Jessica Why? See what too much drinking can do!

Perez Hilton was partying with Jessica and John on New Years Eve in New York City. He posted his story at his blog, here's some quotes:

"The musician (John Mayer) caused a ripple of whispers and stares when he strolled in to our New Year's Eve party with none other than Jessica Simpson. And, to put an end to any talk that they are just "friends," the pair full-on tongue kissed at various points throughout the night."

That is what happens after a night of much too much alcohol! We were practically bedridden all day Monday and Tuesday. On a brighter note: Jessica Simpson tastes like candy! The blonde bombshell and her boyfriend, John Mayer, joined us at our favorite club in New York City, Stereo, on Sunday for the most brazilliant after-hours New Year's Eve celebration. Things got so ridiculous that John Mayer and Perez stood up in our banquette and proceeded to do our best impersonation of the Matthew McConaughey whiteboy dance. We're usually a Red Bull and Absolut drinker, but Mayer kept pouring shots of bourbon in the Gossip Gangstar's mouth all night long!! Jessica was laughing at the site of John and Perezzers dancing, and when he sat back down, she gave Mayer a very special new year's lapdance."


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