Thursday, February 22, 2007

Anna Nicole UPDATES for Today!

3:47pm: Anna Nicole's Body to Bahamas, Guardian Milstein. With tears in his eyes, Judge Larry Seidlin has ruled that the disposition of Anna Nicole's body will be determined by Richard Milstein, the guardian ad litem of Dannielynn Stern, in consultation with the three parties, and should go to the Bahamas, to be with her son.

3:00pm: Ford Shelley Blasts Stern: "I'll Never Forgive You"An emotional Ford Shelley blasted Howard K. Stern on the stand, but told the court that Stern's assertion that Anna Nicole Smith wanted to be buried next to her son Daniel was the truth. Shelley, son-in-law of South Carolina real estate mogul G. Ben Thompson, accused Stern of not allowing him to pick up his own daughter from Anna Nicole Smith's house on the day that the infamous Anna Nicole "Clown" video was taken. He also said that his child wasn't allowed to call him to have herself picked up. Shelley angrily pointed to Howard K. Stern and seethed, "I'll never forgive you for that." Shelley said that Anna told him that she had to bury Daniel in the Bahamas because she didn't want to go back to California, fearing that she would be served with a paternity suit.

2:56pm: Breaking: Custody Hearing Over Dannielynn. TMZ has confirmed that a closed-door hearing is going on right now in the Bahamas regarding the custody of Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, Dannielynn

2:38pm: Anna Nicole Smith's estate had hoped to keep secret the location of four grave sites she bought for her family at a humble cemetery meant for the "common people of the Bahamas." But few details surrounding the former Playboy Playmate's death have remained unexposed. The plots are unmarked for now, with just a patch of sod showing where Smith's son, Daniel, was laid to rest last year. Local tour operators say the site could soon become a tourist magnet, depending on the outcome of a battle over the reality TV star's final resting place. Anna Nicole Smith's will did not say where she wanted to buried, but her companion, Howard K. Stern, testified this week in court that she wanted to be buried in the Bahamas. An attorney for Smith's estate, Wayne Munroe, said she bought funeral plots for four people - Daniel, her daughter Dannielynn, Stern and herself.

1:30pm: Opri: We Got Shut Down by Judge. Debra Opri, Larry Birkhead's lawyer, just spoke to the assembled press outside the courtroom, and called Birkhead "the good guy" in this case, adding that Howard K. Stern could not claim paternity in the Bahamas because Dannielynn, the child caught between the two men, is an American citizen. Opri contended that she had gotten "shut down" in court by Judge Larry Seidlin, who seemed to cut Opri's questioning of Birkhead much shorter than she wanted. But, said Opri, "This fight is not over. We fight for every inch of dirt, and we are going over to the Bahamas" to continue the legal sparring.

1:12pm: Virgie's "Texas" Lawyer Collapses in Court. Virgie Arthur's lawyer, John "Texas" O'Quinn, collapsed in court just moments ago, apparently suffering from diabetic shock, and causing a gigantic commotion in court. It was unclear what the status of his health was, but a witness provided a Luna bar for relief, as the judge clamored for orange juice. O'Quinn, a colorful Texas figure, is a car collector who owns the Batmobile from "Batman Forever," and Pope John Paul II's Ford Escort.

11:55am: SC man is up on the stand saying that Anna asked him to pick her up from California and take her to the SC cause the press in CA was too much for her. She stressed the emergency of wanting to move, and asked him to talk to attorneys about laws for unwed mothers and fathers. He says she told him that the baby is Larrys but she wants Larry to have nothing to do with the child. Stern came and talked with SC man's lawyer, and they came up with the Bahamas because they researched the laws for unwed mothers. In that time, ANS needed help so they helped facilitate her going to the bahamas, including picking out a home, and agreed to lend ANS the money for the home. This is the guy who broke into the home that ANS was staying in in the bahamas, it was technically his home & after she died, he went to the home and took the computers, pictures & videos that were there. Stern does not own the house therefore Stern's recidency in the bahamas is not valid. The video is working now and they watch it. The judge asks who is asking the Questions on the tape, SC man says that it was in the end of 8/06, the lawyer was asked how he knows that. He says, "because my child is on that tape asking to call me, to come home & howard did not let her call me-- it's on the complete tape and I will give the court a copy, howard I will never forgive you"

11:50am: Denise steps off the stand in tears & up on the is coming Ford Shelley (?) which is South Carolina man. Someone brings up that they have the tape of Anna looking like a clown, baby talking and shit, the judge says put it on. Sterns Lawyer objects saying everyone knows she took drugs while preggers & this is stolen info, judge says oh well, and the tape is shown. It is noted that Stern is the one taping ANS. The tape is playing, but they can't get the sound to work, so they continue the trial while someone trys to get the thing to work.

11:40am: Lawyer is asking to put Jackie Hatten on the phone, the Judge denied it. On the stand is Denise whoever. She says she went to the bahamas for a trip, she ran into ANS & HKS, ANS invited her over to see the nursery, this was when she was pregnant. ANS told Denise that, "look I did everything myself", she was very proud of the room, and Denise said maybe you should put some pics up of Daniel as a baby, and ANS said, "I don't have any, my mother took them all and wont give them to me" and ANS was crying. Denise and her family left, and returned in Sept when Daniel died. Denise gave her a holy pendent to wear for Daniel, and then Anna showed her a segment on CNN of what her ANS's mother said about her and said, "Look, what mother would say this about her daughter? how?" Denise constantly says, "with respect to ms. aurthur" -- she seems authentic and not trying to piss anyone else, just quoting. Denise says ANS was begging for her son saying "I miss Daniel I miss Daniel". Denise then says, "thats all I'm here for -- this poor woman wants to be with her son, let her be with her son"

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