Monday, March 12, 2007

Britney Spears Video: Just When You Think it Got Bad...It Gets Worse!

A video of a pre-rehab Britney Spears and a couple dancers at a New York nightclub might spell serious trouble for the pop princess, and could make things even more difficult as she struggles for custody of her kids.

While still photos of Britney switching clothes with the dancers at club One on February 12 are being shopped around for $150,000, Rush & Molloy report that the video – which the dancers say got them fired though they didn't specify what they were doing on it – is a much bigger deal. "If that thing goes on the Internet," says a source, "it's going to be big trouble. It might be what they need to take [Spears'] kids away from her."

The rep for the club says the dancers weren't fired, and neither reps for Brit nor the dancers would comment.


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