Friday, March 16, 2007

Drew Barrymore & Hugh Grant Warned of Hepatitis A Exposure

Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore might think twice before indulging in the nibbles at future parties, after being informed that they may have been exposed to Hepatitis A at a recent bash for their new film, Music And Lyrics.
The Music And Lyrics party was one of 14 events catered for by the Wolfgang Puck catering company using a cook who was discovered to have Hepatitis A, according to, which obtained a letter sent out to guests warning them of the risk of exposure to the virus. Other high profile guests at the February 7 bash included Sandra Bullock, Adam Brody, Jimmy Fallon and TR Knight. The sponsors of the party told that the Department of Public Health didn't alert them to the problem until February 28, seven days after the two week window in which those who risked infection could have been vaccinated against developing the virus. The party's sponsors say that, as far as they know, no-one is known to have contracted Hepatitis A from the event. The letter urges guests to recall whether they ate any uncooked food served at the event, going on to describe "how very low the risk of infection is". The LA County Department of Public Health went public with only one other event catered for by the Hep A-carrying cook between February 3 and February 20 - a Sports Illustrated attended by stars included Beyonce - but did tell that several of the events in question were "hosted by extremely high profile people" who have been notified privately about the scare. Calls to representative for both Wolfgang Puck and the Department of Health were not returned.


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