Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Interview: Real Housewives' Jo De La Rosa

Can't get enough of The Real Housewives of Orange County? Neither can we! The Bravo hit may have wrapped up its second season, but there's still lots to gossip about when it come to the ladies of Coto de Caza. Star's Shira Levine spoke to Jo De La Rosa for the scoop on her on-again-off again relationship with Slade Smiley, her music career and the future of the show.

Do you like being the villain on the show? I didn't really mean to do it on purpose, it just kind of happened. I think there are lot of people, they either love me or love to hate me. There is never an between. I definitely want everyone to like me and that's not the reality of it. I also think the show cuts everything in a way that makes for really good TV. Sometimes it's not me and sometimes it's me. I am human and I have feelings too, so I can get an attitude and defend myself.

So is there any chance of you getting back together with Slade? Right now we're broken up. I'm newly single. I'm having fun being on my own, being single and coming into my own again. I lost who I was... I forgot my own goals and ambitions. It wasn't until I removed myself from that house and that relationship that I was able to see what had happened.

What about your music career? Will Slade still manage you? He isn't going to be my manager as much as my partner. He kind of oversees my best interests with contracts and makes sure they are working for my benefit. There is no one else I trust for that. He has my best interests at heart. We are broken up, but we still love each other.

Do you ever get together with the other ladies from Real Housewives? No. Actually, I don't see them at all anymore. It's more like we're in two different places now. They are in the suburbs raising families and with kids and I'm in L.A. with my career. If I do see them I will say "Hi" and give them a hug.

What about you and Shane? I don't ever see Shane. We've gone out a few times and partied, but we never actually keep in contact anymore. I know a lot of people wanted me to hookup with Shane. I still think he is hot. I'm sure he thinks I am a mess and that my life is a total mess!

Do you and JJ still hang out? We don't. We had a fall out and I just decided to move out and move into my own place. I found a new roommate. She is the cutest. Her name is Morgan and she is an actress.

Do you miss that great big house? Having no walk-in closet makes me really sad. It's a welcome back to reality. Two bedrooms, two baths, no walk-in closet... it makes me really sad. Welcome back to reality. But I've never been happier. I am taking dance classes again. I'm doing what I loved again.

Will there be another season of Real Housewives? There is nothing official. There are talks maybe about it. I don't know what they will end up doing, but there is gossip now. Nothing is official.


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