Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Jo Delarosa Blog Entry, "Saying Goodbye"

Let me say a few things, as these blogs come to an end for a while. Listen up, fans. Without you, this show would not be what it is. I would like to thank each and every one of you. Even those of you who don’t like me.

Thanks, seriously. For watching the show, but more importantly, for being vocal about your support. Because I’ve felt incredibly supported, when I’m out and about, in emails I’ve gotten, in MySpace comments. People have told me that I’m doing the right thing, people tell me to follow my dream, it’s really amazing. People stop me to give their opinion about me. I feel incredibly supported.

Of course, I’m going to get the “What the hell are you thinking?” comments. People have said “Slade is the best thing that’ll ever happen to you,” or “what makes you think you can have a singing career.” Sure. I get that. And it’s really interesting TV when I sound terrible. When using only out-takes, of course that’s going to make for more interesting television. And I was nervous, it was my first time in a studio. I know that. You all know that. That’s why you’re watching.

Give it a chance. Check out my music page. Listen to the song Click Here.

I’m growing, I’m learning, and I’m not claiming that I’m anything more than myself. And people can choose to love that. Or love to hate it. And whichever way they go, they’re still watching, they’re still listening. They’re either cheering me on or they’re tuning in to watch me fall.


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