Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Kristen Cavallari Talks About Her New Movie in GQ

What’s Spring Breakdown about?
It’s a comedy. Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch, and Parker Posey were dorks in college and never had a spring break. I’m in a group of girls called “the Sevens”—there are seven of us, and we wear Seven jeans—and we’re the hot girls. Amy Poehler wants to hang out with us, so we make her over.

Didn’t Amy Poehler make fun of you on Saturday Night Live?
It was Weekend Update. She said something like, “Kristin Cavallari was seen canoodling with the Taliban.” It was funny.

You dated Nick Lachey. How bad did the paparazzi get?
I’d have twelve cars waiting outside my house. I was 19. The paparazzi got out of hand. My makeup artist always told me that if you’re nice to them, they’ll be nice to you.

Laguna Beach is scripted, right? You can tell us.
I don’t see Laguna Beach as a reality show. The producers would say, “Kristin, come here at this time to have lunch with this person to talk about this. Ask him this specific question.” In one scene my hair is short, and in the next scene it’s down to here. How does anyone not notice that?

Is it true that people in Laguna want to kick MTV out?
Laguna Beach is so small and artsy and old. All of a sudden, MTV comes in and corrupts it. Now there are Laguna Beach tours of the restaurants and clothing store we would go to.

Do people in Los Angeles ever stay in on a Friday night?
Very few. It’s the same people, the same thing, every single night. This L.A. lifestyle isn’t really for me. Everyone’s naked. The plastic surgery thing. It gets old. It’s hard to meet a guy here.

Are you one of those pretty girls who’s convinced she’s a nerd at heart?
No, I never say I’m a nerd.


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