Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Naomi Campbell cleans up

Naomi Campbell turned up to her cleaning job wearing designer stiletto ankle boots yesterday. The supermodel - who has been ordered to scrub floors as part of her community service sentence for assaulting her maid - strolled into the New York Department of Sanitation sporting the $650 Christian Laboutin boots, tailored black coat and matching designer hat.

The catwalk beauty promptly changed into a pair of tattered workmen's boots, dingy overalls and fluorescent vest. She was warned she may be forced to scrub filthy toilets if she didn't pull her weight during the community service. Sanitation Department spokesman Albert Durrell said: "Miss Campbell arrived on time. She worked with three others, talking and interacting fine. We have plenty of work for her over the next five days.

"She will be cleaning, sweeping, mopping floors and cleaning windows. If she does not do a good job, she will clean dirty toilets."

Naomi was also warned if she refused to do any of the tasks, she would be sent back to court. The glamorous 36-year-old's shift started at 8am and finished at 4pm. Despite her unfashionable work attire Naomi still managed to carry out her tasks in full make-up.

Naomi had begged the judge to let her do charity work, after admitting attacking her maid Ana Scolavino, 38, in a fit of anger over a lost pair of jeans.


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