Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Shane West Outing at Heineken

Hollywood's first out-gay-actor power couple? Not when their publicists got involved. You can probably guess where the story goes after that.

Anyway: "ER" hunk Shane West walked the red carpet with sometime "Boston Legal" player Ashton Holmes at the recent Heineken Premium Light event at Les Deux in Los Angeles. Inside the party, Holmes and West "were in a dark corner of the bar making out," according to an eyewitness.

What kind of making out? "They had a quick but passionate kiss and then a few pecks directly after. It was clear they tried to make it as brief as possible, but that they didn't want to stop." Other witnesses also reported the makeout session to the gay blog Queerty. But their spokeswomen say everyone who saw them necking needs glasses.

"It's absolutely absurd," Holmes' gal told us. And West's rep said: "This is laughable. There is absolutely no truth to this story."


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