Thursday, April 05, 2007

Heidi Montag's Mom talks about the Hills!

On Spencer: "Heidi and Spencer are all about the show. Spencer has given quite a lot of himself to MTV, and they aren't afraid to put themselves out there. But he's not a bad guy at all—that's all in the magic of editing. In fact, he adores Heidi and waits on her hand and foot, and she'd be with nothing less. Of course now it looks like, ew, why would you pick a slime bag over [Conrad], America's sweetheart? But it's not the reality. If things were the way they looked on TV, I would come to L.A. and take Spencer out myself."

On the dicks-before-chicks conundrum: "Heidi does have the tendency to be an all-or-nothing person, and it has been a fault of hers in the past to drop her friends when she is in a serious relationship. She knows that about herself, and her sister and I are always asking if she is giving Lauren enough attention. But Lauren and Heidi lived together for two years and gave a lot to each other, and I think this separation will be a good thing for them."

On Heidi's fame: "No one is surprised. Even as a little girl in a small town she had this energy that has followed her. She took acting classes—not that The Hills is acting!—and would always want to be more grown up. We would let her carry glasses of wine around the house, but they would always be on her nightstand untouched the next day. She just liked the feeling of being older."

On the Lauren/Spencer throwdown: "Those two still aren't speaking or getting along, which puts a huge strain on Heidi. It's disappointing to see the boy tear the two apart. She's trying to please both of them, but she's not in a high school relationship. Both people fill different voids for her."

On Heidi's future: "As you know, she is recording an album and writing her own lyrics. And she has such a pretty little voice, I think it will be good. The third season is going to revolve more around that, I think. Spencer is helping with the record because he has connections, but if they broke up tomorrow, she would still be able to go on with the connections she has made out in L.A. Really, if you dropped Heidi off in the middle of nowhere she would still be happy.


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