Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Josh is Fergie's private dancer

Fergie recently confessed that her hot boyfriend, Josh Duhamel, likes to give her private dance performances.

"He just dances for me in private, in some very interesting outfits," Fergie, real name Stacy Ferguson, told Playboy magazine. Duhamel apparently purchases some outfits for Fergie as well: "He bought me these amazing boots at the Hustler store," she said. "They're thigh-high patent leather with a big long zipper. They're hard to get on, but it's worth it."

When Playboy asked if the singer makes Duhamel dance to her tunes, she replied: "Make him? He wants to. He likes dancing. I slow dance with him, but I have to stand on his feet because I'm too short. He's 6'3" and I'm 5'4". Luckily I took ballet, so I know how to stand en pointe."


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