Thursday, April 12, 2007

LC: There is No Sex Tape!

On April 5, Lauren Conrad received a shocking phone call. A friend told her about a report on the gossip Web site claiming Conrad’s ex Jason Wahler was peddling a tape of them having sex. “My friend started reading the item to me, and I literally could not breathe,” Conrad tells Us Weekly exclusively. “I thought she was joking when she started telling me.”

Though blogger Perez Hilton tells Us that he confirmed the tape’s existence with “multiple sources close to Lauren and Jason,” the Hills star denies the report. “Honestly, they videotape my life five days out of the week. I don’t need additional footage, you know?” Whomever leaked the information seems to have a vendetta against Conrad, 21.

Among the possible culprits? Sources close to Conrad are pointing fingers at her former BFF and roommate, Heidi Montag and her boyfriend, Spencer Pratt, who was Conrad’s nemesis throughout The Hills. The Laguna Beach, California-raised star notes that Montag was the one friend who didn't reach out after news of the alleged tape broke. “This has literally been, like, the worst week ever, and someone who’s supposedly my friend didn’t even call or text me.” But the accused pair deny any wrongdoing. “It’s sad someone would make up something like that, and even sadder people think we had anything to do with it,” Pratt tells Us.

Seconds Montag, “I feel horrible for Lauren, but I had nothing to do with spreading that false, disgusting rumor.”


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