Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mandy Moore in PARADE

In this Sunday’s PARADE, actress and singer Mandy Moore, who stars in the upcoming romantic comedy “ License to Wed,” tells writer Robert Masello how she’s handled being in the spotlight without falling prey to the vices and embarrassing public missteps that have afflicted so many of her peers.

Below, in an exclusive interview for, Moore discusses her new album,“Wild Hope” (due June 19), her daredevil side and why she doesn’t mind spending time solo. Moore opens up about resisting the temptations of stardom.

On Friendship…
“I don’t really have a ton of friends. My best friends, my close circle, are mostly in New York. But my brothers live with me here [in L.A.]. One is younger, one older—and I hang out with them a lot. My younger brother’s in school, my older brother’s working out here in L.A. But I actually like spending time by myself, and it’s not super odd for me to go [out] by myself…. I’m really kind of boring—I’d rather go to bed early and get up early because I really value my time off, my time away from work.”



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