Thursday, April 19, 2007

William & Kate: What Went Wrong

On April 13, newly single Prince William hit the town for a wild night out in London, racking up a nearly $10,000 bar tab and partying so hard that by 3:30 a.m. he “was struggling to stand up,” a club source tells Us. Hours later, news broke that the 24-year-old prince had split from girlfriend Kate Middleton, 25, the previous weekend. So what went wrong for the couple of four years, who many insiders thought were headed toward the altar?

“Kate wanted an assurance that there was going to be a future for them, and William wasn’t ready to give that,” says a Middleton source. “His family advised him not to rush into things, and so in the end, he couldn’t give her what she wanted.” A former classmate of Middleton tells Us Weekly, “Imagine having the man you want to marry pretty much tell you that he doesn’t want to marry you.”

The strain only deepened when William (or “Big Willy,” as Middleton called him), now a second lieutenant in the British Army, was stationed in a training camp in Dorset, England – two hours away from her $1.6 million London apartment – yet he didn’t make time to see “Babykins” (his pet name for Middleton).

“Kate never felt like William put her in first place,” says a former classmate. “To meet up for dinner, she would have to run four or five different dates by him before he would say he was available. Usually when you are in a relationship, you drop everything for your loved one, but William wasn’t like that.”

And one person is relieved that the prince didn’t rush into anything: his grandmother Queen Elizabeth. “The queen was fond of Kate but wants William to take his time choosing a wife to avoid another royal divorce like the ones that damaged the monarchy in the ’90s,” royal correspondent Judy Wade tells Us.


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