Thursday, May 24, 2007

Jeremy Piven and the Entourage Boys at Cannes

Episodes of Entourage, the hit HBO show about a Hollywood movie star, Vince Chase (Adrian Grenier), and the three longtime pals in his posse, have already filmed at a live U2 concert, a boxing match, and Sundance. What is left but a trip to the world's most famous film fest for the boys?

The production will shoot for three days during Cannes, the cast announced at a press conference held May 23. The footage will air in an episode during the fourth season, which kicks off June 17.

Jeremy Piven, who plays Vince's smarmy agent Ari, said, "It's the holy grail of film festivals. To use all of this swirling around us, and to be able to capture it, is an unbelievable gift."

The cast was mum on details of any star cameos in the Cannes episode. But Jerry Ferrara, who plays up-and-coming music producer Turtle, offered this: "If we're out shooting an episode and [George]Clooney walks by and wants to be on it, great!"


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