Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Jesssica Simpson Interview

Jessica Simpson opens up about hair, her weight and the perils of dairy. In an interview with Extra, Simpson, who recently dyed her blond hair brown, reveals that she is naturally brunette. "People don't know that about me," the star says, adding, "I was really blond as a kid, but then I just started getting darker and darker."

The change isn't phasing Jess, though, who claims, "I've really become comfortable in who I am and my skin and just feeling beautiful five pounds heavier, five pounds smaller."

Speaking of healthy, Extra reports that Simpson is currently getting in shape for an upcoming film in which her character joins the Marines (talk about disarming the enemy!). "I am going to be all ripped," Simpson says. Getting there isn't easy though, even for Jess, who has weaknesses like everyone else. "I'm not good on sugar," she admits.

Even worse for the pop-star turned actress? Dairy! "You'll hear it come out of all ends!" the star jokes. Suddenly, we have visions of Jess' home life, with adorable boyfriend John Mayer secreting cheese away from his lactose-intolerant lady.

Despite her digestive woes, Simpson has her life and business on track, having recently added a home line to her label. "I aspire to be a brand like Ralph Lauren," she says.


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