Friday, May 25, 2007

Kelly Clarkson is Burning Her Bridges

Mega-producer Clive Davis has been in a fight with "Idol" star Kelly Clarkson because he thought her new album was crap and she wanted it put out anyways. Clive recently gave a speech on the "American Idol" finale, mentioning every single "Idol" star except Clarkson. Some suspect he conveniently forgot her because of their feud.

The 75-year-old owlish music mogul was tasked with speaking to the huge TV audience about the health of the "A.I" franchise and appeared to go out of his way to avoid mentioning Kelly's new single "Never Again" (which reached the Top 10 for heaven's sake!) or her forthcoming CD, "My December." Yet he somehow managed to find time to plug both Taylor Hicks and Katharine McPhee's new singles! Clive did briefly allude to two-time Grammy winner Clarkson -- but only to praise the talents of outside songwriters working with "Idols." Ouch!
Sources backstage at the finale report that Sony/BMG execs attempted to apologize to Kelly's team -- but their backtracking on behalf of the man with the golden ears fell on deaf ears. A well-placed source told TMZ, "Clive's actions, both delaying the album, and now this, tell you everything you need to know about how he feels about Kelly." That's no way to treat a 15-million-album-selling lady!

Clarkson's biggest hit "Since You've Been Gone," was written by outside songwriters and reportedly, Clarkson didn't even want to release the song as a single.

There is a reason successful producers are who they are. I think Kelly should listen to Clive if she wants to sustain her career. Look what happened to Britney once she stopped letting songwriters write her albums and took matters into her own hands. I would imagine Kelly does not want to follow in Brit's footsteps unless she just got done smoking meth for 15 hours, then it might seem like a good idea.


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