Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Lindsay's Downward Spiral!

Lindsay Lohan's drug and alcohol use is escalating out of control experts warn she's killing herself! The troubled actress is snorting massive amounts of cocaine mixed with Ecstasy, taking downers to sleep and boozing daily, insiders say and pals fear she has a death wish.

As The Enquirer already reported Lindsay already suffered a secret drug overdose on November 12th. Lindsay's drugging and drinking is out of control! She learned nothing in rehab, Lohan's friend reveals. Lindsay's substance abuse kicked into high gear when she hit the Coachella music festival in Indio, California in late April. Her friend says, Lindsay bought six tablets of Ecstasy three with an imprint of a blue Smurf and three with a pink diamond. She also bought an eight-ball of cocaine (about 3½ grams). Lindsay did line after line of coke all weekend. She was always the last one to leave all-night parties because she was still flying high. Lohan's friend says Lindsay also drank heavily, One morning she ordered a $400 breakfast two bottles of Ketel One vodka, one bottle of Belvedere vodka and a bottle of Patron tequila. Since that weekend, Lindsay has been drifting a near-24/7 haze. Lindsay crushed Ecstasy into the coke and snorted it to get a hardcore rush. Her favorite alcohol is vodka. She pours it into a 16-oz. water bottle and drinks it straight or mixed with some soda. But she also drinks tequila and champagne. Experts feel Lindsay's lifestyle is lethal, without detox and abstinence, the only result of this scenario is death.


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