Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Rosie Reveals Why She's Really Leaving The View

Rosie O'Donnell revealed in a video blog on her website yesterday that the real reason she left The View was financial. The official reason that ABC gave for Rosie's departure was that they could not come to an time agreement, they wanted her to resign for three years, but she only wanted one year of resignation. O'Donnell wanted a one-year contract for $10 million and ABC offered her a three-year deal for a mere $6 million. Rosie said in her post:

"I know it seems unbearably greedy to people, but considering what they made this year....That's what happened and they said no. I feel like if you make a big offer like that, it's kind of like poker. If you're gonna raise to ten million and they're gonna see you're ten million, you're gonna have to show up."

I find it somewhat ironic that Rosie's "decision" to leave The View was financial because that would imply that she is actually paid for her performance, which is outrageous considering her appealing brand of fat/annoying humor.



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