Monday, June 04, 2007

It Must Be The Glasses

Nicole Richie basically has the same DUI charge as Paris Hilton, but somehow still has her license.

Paris was busted September 7, 2006 -- and around 5 months later, she had already lost her driving privileges and was later arrested for violating her probation for driving on the suspended license. Richie was busted for DUI on December 11, 2006 -- and almost 6 months later, she is not only still driving ... but the California DMV hasn't even begun to take action against her ... [A rep for the California DMV] said: "I have no idea why Nicole still has her license."

As it turns out, the DMV only has rules for license suspension when alcohol is involved, piddly marijuana and vicodin DUI's are not grounds for suspension.

Nicole probably shouldn't still have her license, but my guess is that the cop who pulled her over was trying to get out of there ASAP so that he didn't vomit uncontrollably after realizing what latex stretched over a skeleton really looks like.


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