Friday, June 01, 2007

Jordan Sparks Comfortable With Her Body

"American Idol" star Jordan Sparks has said that it took her a long time to reach acceptance of her body and that winning AI has helped her self-esteem.

"I think it really helped boost her self-esteem and made her realize she's beautiful as she is," her grandmother, Pam Weidmann, tells PEOPLE for its new issue. Jordin's mom, Jodi, says of her daughter's May 23 victory: "It was huge to see her confidence level grow. ... She's standing taller now."

Jordin seems to be a very respectable young lady. I hope that she will keep her attitude of accepting her 5'10" size 12 figure, but I wouldn't be totally surprised if she falls into the typical Hollywood trap and becomes an inflatable plastic doll, weighted down by all the botox in her body. Seriously, she is very young so only time will tell how she will turn out.

Photo Credit: WENN


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