Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Vanessa Meets the Parents

Recently Vanessa Minnillo breezed through one of the toughest dating roadblocks of new couples, meeting the parents! The Hollywood it-couple, spent Labor Day weekend with Nick Lachey’s parents in Cincinnati. Vanessa impressed the entire family right down to Nick’s 6-month old niece.

Whenever the infant, Isabella, began to cry Minnillo’s maternal instincts rushed in, as she changed diapers and even fed the little girl. Nick, impressed by Minnillo’s mothering skills which ex-wife Jessica Simpson supposedly lacked, may be planning a proposal to his new love only three short months after his divorce became final. Nicks’ friends report that he is totally in love with the MTV vee-jay, and Minnillo’s posse confirms that the “feeling are… mutual.”